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Top 3 Reasons to Use a Senior Relocation Company

 August 2014

By Nan Hayes for Caring Transitions

In our industry we commonly hear about the struggles families face when helping an aging parent move or when they are faced with closing a deceased parent’s home. There is not only a tremendous mental or emotional burden for most family members when navigating such transitions, but a significant time and physical investment is also required.

As more and more parents age beyond their 80’s and 90’s, companies such as Caring Transitions® have come to specialize in providing the kind of support families need to manage cumbersome or difficult situations. The following is just a few ways our professional services can help “save the day” when it comes to late life relocation:

1. Benefit from a family concierge

Just as corporations hire experts to support an executive and his family as they move across the country, a senior relocation expert manages every details of your parents’ move from family home to senior residence. Don’t need that much help? That’s ok. Full service providers such as Caring Transitions® can perform as many or as few services as your family needs.

A full-service relocation company such as Caring Transitions® offers more than simple move management assistance and tailors each project to suit your family’s requirement. From the very beginning, we work with you to develop a plan that includes your budget, timetables and resources required to help your project to run smoothly. Once you are comfortable with the plan, every detail is managed by our professional staff. We support all the personal arrangements and communications with the new residence, the van lines, your realtor, caregivers and more and also perform all the physical tasks such as sorting, downsizing, packing and unpacking; until every item is in its new place in the new home.

2. Reduce emotional and physical stress

Moving at any stage in life can be stressful, but moving an aging or ill parent while managing the sale of their home and their entire inventory of personal property, is often overwhelming.

We understand that many family caregivers lovingly provide support for parents, but they also may experience problems managing and balancing their own busy life. The responsibilities can impact family members physically, mentally and emotionally. And according to experts, that kind of stress can lead to health problems.

A third party takes much of the burden off the family members so they can enjoy the process along with their parents. Checking in when needed and providing encouragement and support, but not bogged down by the many day-to-day tasks involved in moving and liquidation.

We often begin with an inventory of the home, sorting through a lifetime of personal possessions; many of which hold special meaning. The sorting process is an important step that allows the transitioning adult to reminisce, inventory their lives and then make decisions about what to keep, sell or toss. This process can be difficult and time-consuming for family members, but it is what professionals like Caring Transitions® do best. We understand both the financial and the sentimental value of things and help expedite the process using space planning and “rightsizing” techniques, so mom and dad can make logical decisions about what to keep and what to release.

3. Save Time and Money

Serving over 500 markets in the US, Caring Transitions offers large company services with small company dedication. Our corporate structure allows us to enjoy national partnerships which translate into savings for local storage, van lines and junk removal. We can also refer Realtors®, attorneys, financial advisors or provide assistance obtaining loans or VA benefits.

We focus on household goods cost reduction to bring you significant savings. When we help families downsize efficiently before a move, they stand to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars, offsetting the cost of services. In addition, because we have inhouse estate sale and auction services, we help liquidate your assets, creating additional savings and in the cases where we help sell highly valuable items, creating profit.

For busy family members called on to assist a parent who lives far away, we help reduce travel expense and time away from work by serving mom and dad and working on your behalf to represent the family and provide respectful, patient and compassionate assistance.

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